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Wild Hearts update 1.0.2 patch notes & changes

Day one

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Day one patches for big games have been the norm for a while, but for Wild Hearts, said patch isn’t too game-changing. Here’s what’s under the hood in patch 1.0.2.

Wild Hearts update 1.0.2 patch notes & changes

  • Gameplay balance adjustments
  • Bug fixes (improved online play stability, fixed other various bugs)
  • Looking glass dragon karakuri addition (conjuring this new karakuri allows players to go back and change the appearance of their in-game character)
  • Gameplay balance adjustments (altered the difficulty level of volatile kemono, adjusted various other gameplay parameters)
  • Bug fixes (updated a number of skill names, added/amended key guides, fixed other various bugs)

Breaking this down, getting online play in ship shape for the early access period is a smart move, especially as folks move out of the prior beta/demo period and into the fully priced retail version. The looking glass mechanic is another nice get that some fans have asked for since the game was announced: granting folks the ability to alter their in-game character after the initial creation process. Beyond that, “difficulty level adjustments” are likely playtest responses for some enemies, and all of the bug fixes look minor so far.

PC fixes are on the way for Wild Hearts

Although I haven’t encountered many bugs at all with the PS5 edition, the team is also working on fixes for the PC edition of the game specifically. No ETA has been given, but if you’re hoping for solace on PC, it might not be at launch depending on your setup.

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