Wild Hearts trailer introduces the village and people of Minato

wild hearts minato trailer

Paradise Lost

This week sees the launch of Electronic Arts period-piece adventure Wild Hearts, the mythical action-RPG set within the age of feudal Japan — Developer Omega Force, of Dynasty Warriors fame, has released a new trailer introducing players to the village and people of Minato, located deep within the beautiful overworld known as Azuma.

Wild Hearts will present players will a fresh take on the… well… the Monster Hunting genre that has proven especially popular in recent years. The player will take up the mantle of a custom hunter, and team with the people of Minato on a quest to track and defeat a menagerie of behemoth beasts known as “The Kemono” — utilizing each creature’s soulful “Celestial Thread” in order to renovate and rebuild the province of Azuma before it is lost completely.

As you can see from the trailer above, Wild Hearts will boast some amazing and awe-inspiring creature designs, while offering up a selection of varied weaponry, gear, and elemental skills in order to aid our hunters in their battles with these incredible land gods. From the village of Minato, the player will enlist the help of various arts, from alchemists to healers, blacksmiths to guides, in order to best prepare for the long and hazardous journeys that lie ahead.

Hone finely crafted skills of the “Karakuri” in order to build a variety of environmental traps and defenses, and experiment with a wide arsenal of weapons in order to best equip you and your party for the hunt. And looking at some of the monsters on display in this preview, you’re probably going to need all of the help you can get. I mean, I’d come with you, but I’ve got a bit of a bad back. There in spirit, though.

Wild Hearts launches February 17 on PS5, PC, and Xbox Series X. Be sure to check out our own Chris Carter’s initial thoughts in his Review-in-Progress.

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