Wild Hearts teases a new Kemono and more to come in March

Wild Hearts tease

Don’t say sayonara to these Wild Hearts yet

The world of Wild Hearts is getting even more in March. Koei Tecmo and Electronic Arts have teased a new Kemono arriving in Wild Hearts in March, alongside more content.

This new beast to hunt seems to be fire-based, according to the teaser posted on social media. The “torrid inferno” and volcano emoji certainly brings to mind some smoldering concepts for a new Kemono to hunt through Azuma.

More content is expected to arrive in March, though today’s teaser doesn’t specify if that means more Kemonos or other content. Regardless, it does look like speedy Wild Hearts players will have even more to tackle in the coming month.

Hearts young and wild and free

It hasn’t been all that long since Wild Hearts landed on newer consoles and PC, back on February 17. Still, it sounds like players have mostly enjoyed Omega Force’s return to the monster-hunting format, with lots of building and action to go around.

With content already slated for March, it looks like support will be here for at least the short term. For the hunting fans at home, I hope it’s a sign of a decent lifespan on this game. February was an absolutely stacked month, with way too many games for any one person to get around to. But Wild Hearts certainly seems like it’s been worth it to check out, for anyone who likes to take down big monsters and gradually gear up as they do so.

Eric Van Allen
Senior News Reporter