Wil Wheaton to give keynote at PAX East

One of my favorite moments from PAX 2007 was Wil Wheaton’s keynote speech. It was just mesmerizing listening to Wil speak the geek gospel. Plus, the first thing out of his mouth pretty much set the mood for that entire week at PAX — that mood being one of pure awesomeness. See for yourself above. Wil will be doing the honors once again and kicking off PAX right by giving the keynote speech at PAX East.

PAX East is just over a month and a half away, folks! There’s going to be some great musical acts, plenty of games for you to check out, Mega64 is having their panel on March 26 at 9:30PM and 3-day badges are all sold out. There are some Saturday badges left last I heard, but the show is almost completely sold out!

Remember, if you’re going and want to hang out with other Dtoiders, then I strongly encourage you to join the Dtoid PAX Google Group where we’re planning all sorts of goodness.

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