Wikipedia orders Tecmo to stop editing its Wikipedia page

Oh Tecmo, is there any shameless low to which you won’t sink?

Continued editing of one’s own Wikipedia page isn’t always considered a classy use of one’s time, even less so when you’re attempting to wallpaper over some messy legal proceedings. A Tecmo employee has recently been dabbling with the company’s Wiki page in an attempt to obscure information, most notably details about who quit the company last year amidst the notorious Itagaki vs. Tecmo lawsuit. 

The edits have been so persistent that Tecmo has now received a warning from Wikipedia to stop it. Of course, Tecmo isn’t the only publisher editing its own page, but the problem here is that the Japanese publisher is attempting to alter history. We’re sorry Tecmo, what’s happened is set in stone and the world will have to know about it. 

Oh, and you can stop editing the Holocaust page to say that never happened either. We know that’s you!

Jim Sterling