WiiWare title Swords & Soldiers has Vikings and style

New rule: every game should have either Vin Diesel or Vikings in it. We recently uploaded a boatload of assets for Swords & Soldiers — an upcoming WiiWare title by Ronimo Games — and whoa, Vikings rock as hard as Diesel

Swords & Soldiers is a side-scrolling, real-time strategy game. It’ll have three factions, roughly 20 hours of play time, split-screen multiplayer, and the three basic strategy staples: unit variety, sick spells, and corpses. The bubble menu for special attacks and orders looks intuitive, which is always a welcome addition to any WiiWare title (especially one of the strategy variety). 

No word on release or price, but one thing is confirmed — Swords & Soldiers’ art has style. Check it out for yourself in the gallery and hit the break for four trailers for the game. 



Brad BradNicholson