WiiWare Tetris to use Balance Board?

In an interview with Siliconera, Hudson had this to say when asked about any new features in its upcoming version of Tetris for WiiWare:

It features a number of new rules and items. Currently, we’re tossing around the idea of using the [WiiFit] Balance Board. The game also supports 6-player WiFi battle.

While I am really excited to see developers taking chances with new ways to play classic games (yay, creativity!), I don’t know how well the Balance Board and Tetris go together. Will you move the pieces around by leaning? Could be interesting, I guess. If anything, the idea of me being able to play Tetris with two free hands makes me very happy. My dream of eating an ice cream cone, brushing my hair, and playing a videogame all at the same time could soon be a reality!

What do you think? Is this idea intriguing or just plain odd? What other classic games could get the Balance Board treatment? (Q*Bert!)

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