WiiWare remake of La-Mulana delayed

NIGORO’s WiiWare remake of the classic free-to-download PC platformer, La-Mulana, has been delayed until 2011.

The developer announced that it would be postponing the release on its blog, following a recent submission to Nintendo. The nitty gritty details of the delay can be read on the blog, but the bottom line is we won’t be seeing it in 2010.

Disappointed and frustrated by the delay, the developer is looking to release the game’s “Hell Sanctuary” DLC — originally scheduled to be available post-release — along with the title.

Really, this isn’t shocking and completely understandable considering how small the La-Mulana team is. Can’t wait? You can download and play the original title now, which may actually make the wait for the update even more difficult.

We are sorry. [La-Mulana]

Nick Chester