Wiitube: Because watching videos online is all there is to do on the Wii

If you’re like some of us gamers who find the Wii incredibly boring and lacking in the software department, then you may enjoy this new site that takes advantage of the Wii’s online capabilities: Wiitube.

Essentially a site that is filled with YouTube and other video sites’ Wii content, Wiitube allows its users to contribute whatever helpful info they may have or want to share about Nintendo’s little dream machine from heaven. From the IM words of a buddy who helped create it:

basically ppl can submit embed codes and either ask for help, show off, post trailers, etc.  works well on the wii browser

So there you go. Enjoy my little Nintendo fans, because we all know you got nothing else to do with the Wii. Want more? Also check out Wii.tv

Robert Summa