Wiitard Nation: IGN’s Chobot joins the club

Perhaps taking a break from the tanning bed, IGN’s resident hottie Jessica Chobot went and added her name to the growing population of Wiitard Nation. Unlike all those fakey fake fakers out there, Chobot’s injuries are real. And not just phycially, but mentally as well. Listen to her heart-warming tale:

That’s right! This past Thurs I was playing Wii baseball with a friend of mine. I was losing badly and getting VERY angry. Even though I know that I don’t actually need to literally pitch in order to get the ball across the plate, I was so frustrated I did just that. With all my might. And promptly slammed my hand (and Wii controller) into my oak coffee table.

The Wii broke apart, cutting the inside of my finger (that’s right-the Wii drew first blood!) and leaving me to gasp in pain (the kind of pain that hurts so bad, you don’t even make a noise at first). I seriously thought I had broken my finger. I mean I REALLY slammed my hand. I figured it was broke (especially as it started to swell up and throb in time to my heartbeat. It was too late to go to the doctors, so I just bandaged it up as best I could, popped a few Aleve and figured I’d see if it was worth going to the DRs in the morning. 

It was. Although the swelling had gone down, it still hurt pretty bad. I could kind of bend it and knew it wasn’t broken, but I figured I might as well use up those IGN bennies before the year was out and toted myself off for a few x-rays. Turns out it wasn’t broken, just a little sprained and badly bruised.

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