Wiitard lawsuit is still in effect

Despite Nintendo’s attempts at building a sturdier Wii strap for the Wiitards of the world, the money-hungry blood-sucking lawyers are still going to go after Big N for their “defective” product. Here’s the original statement, more or less:

According to a statement from San Francisco-based law firm Green Welling, “Nintendo’s failure to include a remote that is free from defects is in breach of Nintendo’s own product warranty.” The lawsuit “seeks to enjoin Nintendo from continuing its unfair or deceptive business practices as it relates to the Nintendo Wii.”

Then, after Ninty invited its Wiitards to trade up for a better strap, the anti-Christ himself spoke:

He said that even though Nintendo has issued a thicker strap, “there is no indication of the effectiveness of new strap.”

He also noted that Nintendo’s strap replacement program doesn’t address property damage caused by flying Wiimotes. Windows, plasma TVs and other expensive items have apparently fell victim to Wiimotes slipping from the hands of exuberant players.

The rep added that this particular lawsuit doesn’t address property damage reimbursement, but the firm is looking into ways to focus on that issue. Whether or not this means a separate suit is undetermined, according to the rep.

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