Wiimote upgrade: it beams money!

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Here’s an unofficial update from Nintendo. It appears that, sadly, the Wii no longer prints money. However, don’t let that ruin your day, because they’ve already upgraded their technology. According to Amazon, here’s what the new Wiimotes come equipped with:

Wiimote Beams Money

Usually these kind of clandestine controller updates get tucked in at the bottom or middle of a long list of features, but there you have it. The Wii no longer prints money, but now the controllers are counterfeiting to their heart’s content. Now every Wii can beam four times as much money out of your pockets as it was before.

I just took out a magnifying glass for the fabricated photo above, and this upgrade appears to be true. I even did some inspection on Sony’s Sixaxis, and they’ve been pumping out sixpence pieces all this time unbeknownst to us. No wonder Sony’s having a hard time keeping up.

[Update: Amazon just fixed their information page, you can see the screenshot Analog Pidgin took  earlier this morning below]

[Via Game Stooge]

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