Wiimote strikes again!

CheapyD, my favorite video game-based Web site operator (Oh god, don’t tell Niero! He’ll beat me!), has yet another hilarious story about the Wiimote going on a rampage and smashing high-end electronics to bits.

This time, instead of a fancy television, the victim was a laptop, in the prime of its life. It is survived by two kids, and a USB thumb drive.

The incident went down almost exactly like the other one; stupid guy thinks he’s too cool for proper Wiimote strap usage, Wiimote disagrees, Wiimote smashes his stuff. I can only imagine the geniuses at Fox News are busily writing up a report on how the Wiimote is a menace and kills 15 kids every week, and if we don’t stop this menace, the terrorists have already won somehow!

The DToid staff has already had our Wiimotes surgically implanted in our forearms to prevent slippage, but what about you guys? Do you actually use the strap, or are you a moron only moments away from the loss of a beloved display unit? 

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