Wiimote music hack: Does anyone actually play games with the Wiimote?

There are so many hacks and modifications out there with the Wiimote that I’m beginning to wonder if people actually use the device for what it’s intended to do. You know, like play the Wii. The latest is this XMMS MP3 player modification that Mr. Walter Schreppers made with the Wiimote. Here’s how the controls work:

Up: previous song in playlist
Down: next song in playlist
Left: reverse song
Right: forward song

A: Toggle Shuffle
B: Toggle play/pause

1: Left mouse button -> yes pointing also works if you make a sensor bar with some plain IR-leds
2: Right mouse button

Home: exit xmms-wii application

And the best part: shake the remote!
Shake a little bit and it skips to next song. Shake it a lot and it skips more songs at a time. 

If you want to learn more about this, then visit Walter’s site here

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