WiiCade brings users created games into your living room

Not sold on Nintendo’s Virtual Console? Slightly nauseated by the idea of shelling out $8 to play a 15-year-old Super Nintendo game that’s received zero graphical, gameplay, or online upgrades whatsoever? Don’t worry; the folks over at WiiCade have got you covered.


For the low cost of “free,” WiiCade will offer a collection of Wii-friendly Flash games. Whenever Nintendo decides to unleash the Wii Opera browser upon the world, users will be able to browse the WiiCade site to find a collection of soon-to-be classics such as Crazy Koala and the puzzling canine antics of Jack Russell.

Development of Flash games has a low barrier of entry, as well as an already established community. Let’s put aside my laughing (out loud, no less) at the frivolity of many Flash games for a second, take a deep breath, and realize that sites like this could indeed spawn quite a few gems; as well as give many wannabe game developers the opportunity to reach a new audience through the Nintendo Wii.

Make your day complete by playing Tactical Assassin and get a little taste of what you might be playing on your Wii while you wait for Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

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