Wii Zapper to ship with game, Link’s Crossbow Training (Update)

Since the official unveiling, Nintendo has been coy about the mystery title that would ship with the forthcoming Wii Zapper. Destructoid’s mole on the inside of this week’s GameStop Manager’s Conference (which is currently taking place in Las Vegas) has revealed that the title in question will be Link’s Crossbow Training.

While no more information on the game is available at this time, one can only assume that it will star Link of Legend of Zelda fame and quite possibly, he will have a crossbow. Also, there will be training involved. 

The MSRP on this bad boy still stands at $19.99. More information as it comes in. 

[Update: Unfortunately, this update is not “Just kidding!” Our source tells us that the game has a similar look to Twilight Princess, and will ship in October (or at least before Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles). No word on whether or not the title was — or will be — playable at the GameStop Manager’s Conference this week.]

Nick Chester