Wii World 1-1 Mario Mod makes your console look stupid

Wow. What a good lookin’ Wii. Plain white Wii look boring and dull alongside this colorful World 1-1 scene from Super Mario Bros. Mario cheerfully busts out the side of this hand-painted console, courtesy of some modeling clay and a sh*tton of skill. The tutorial from BeerBellyJoe on instructables says that “some Balls to take apart your Wii” are also required.

It’s not all just looks, though. The grassy knoll Wii base hides an extra USB port, a much needed addition to this console. A nifty LED backlight mushroom changes color to indicate system status. Best of all, a green drain pipe on the other side of the console doubles as a Wii Remote charger.

I appreciate BBJ’s instructions, but there’s no way in hell I could even begin to think about building this myself. No worries: Technabob says that Joe will probably put this Wii up for auction on eBay to raise some cash. 

Dale North