Wii Vitality Sensor coming ‘not too late’ in 2010

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Hey guys, remember that hot new Wii Vitality Sensor accessory that was announced back at E3? The one where you can invite all your friends over to rock out and stick their finger in to …measure how relaxed they are. Alright, I give up. I can’t sound excited about this thing no matter how much I try to fake it. Satoru Iwata discussed the device during a recent investor Q & A, and here’s what he had to say about it:

“What we are trying to propose first is a videogame with a theme of relaxation, which is completely opposite from traditional ones, to enrich the users’ lives. Especially among those who are constantly busy … I am sure you have experienced not being able to go to bed even when you are so tired after a busy day at work. What if you were able to visualise how to unwind and relax, or check the condition of your automatic nerve by simply inserting your finger in the device once a day?”

Or I could just go to yoga class. Anyway, whatever, people are going to buy it. Iwata also mentioned the device would be available sometime next year, or as he put it, “not too late in the year next year”. You want this thing, or you think it’s dumb?

[Via GamesIndustry.Biz]

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