Wii video service Wii-no-Ma could be coming overseas

The Nintendo Wii video service Wii-no-Ma sounds pretty interesting. Now that Wii Remote will actually be like a real remote control, right? The only problem is that it’s Japan-only right now as Nintendo is only working with Japanese television companies for content.

The service is set to launch in Japan tomorrow, so Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has been busy talking it up today (Japanese video).  He lays out all of the details of the service, covering everything from their goals for the service to the DSi connectivity with the software Dokodemo Wii-no-Ma

In a transcript foundon VG247, we see that Nintendo plans to go gobal with this service. They need to figure out a better English name for the service first!

Wii-no-Ma service is available only in Japan at the start, but the overseas deployment is under planning in the future.

Here’s some other interesting bulletpoints from Iwata’s presentation:

  • Free service, but will later introduce pay elements
  • Anime and manga will be introduced later
  • an in-service advertising system will keep the service free
  • you decide when you want to watch ads (seriously?)
  • you can watch programs as many times as you’d like
  • after programs finished, you’ll evaulate the program

Free? Sign me up. I look forward to seeing what Nintendo and overseas content makers come up with. 

Dale North