Wii Sports trembles: 2K announces Top Spin Tennis for the Wii

While the tennis portion of Wii Sports might have been enough to fill the cravings of some, it really only scratched the service of what we all had dreams a Wii tennis game could be. 2K Sports hopes to remedy this with Top Spin Tennis, an exclusive new game for the Wii being developed by PAM Development and 2K’s Shangai studios.

Unlike Nintendo’s offering, Top Spin Tennis will actually allow you to control the movement of your player, as well as aiming. The Wii Remote is used in a similar fashion to Wii Sports’ tennis, swung like an actual tennis racket, and controlling shot styles and power.

Top Spin Tennis will also feature a full range of game modes (singles, doubles, mixed, and non-mixed matches), as well as exhibition and tournament modes. The game will also feature more than a dozen licensed tennis stars (of which I know zero of unless they’re dating a pop star), along with ten original characters. The game can be played with up to four players, and will contain the Wii prerequisite “collection of party games.” 

Top Spin Tennis will be available Spring 2008.

Nick Chester