Wii Sports Resort bundle with second Wii M+ coming soon

Starting October 12 and continuing until supplies run out, Nintendo will be offering a Wii Sports Resort bundle that includes an extra Wii MotionPlus accessory for $59.99. Ordinarily, the two would cost $69.99 when purchased separately, so there’s some savings to be had.

For anyone who has played the game before, you know you can’t own Wii Sports Resort without a second Wii MotionPlus; it defeats the whole purpose. It’s weird Nintendo hasn’t offered such a package until now, and even weirder that it’s a limited edition run. We’ll take what we can get, however.

As I imagine is the case for a considerable number of you, Wii Sports Resort is something I mostly use to entertain “non-gaming” friends and family. It may not get much use on a day to day basis, but all things considered, it’s a worthy investment long term.

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