Wii Specs Everyone Missed

Apparently, Wired flubbed the description for the Nintendo Wii in their test catalogue, indicating that it features a better than average, standard Pentax SLR camera lens. While the lonely PS3 at the bottom of the page looks on, it has more and more reasons to feel inadequate.  Thanks a lot, Wired.

However, no one is saying it wouldn’t be cool to mod your Wii into a camera, maybe even with the innards of a Super 8, which looks about the right size.  You really wouldn’t want to waste a perfectly good Wii for it, though, right?

Amusingly enough, bundling this lens and a Wii still doesn’t cost as much as a PS3. I’d actually love to see some photos of things you can duct tape (or set next) to your Wii that still aren’t as costly together as a standalone PS3, and likely much more useful/awesome.  Like your dog…strap your Wii to your dog. 

(Thanks for the tip, Shaun)

Bonus wii specs

[Screen capture, in case Wired gets their act together and fixes it.] 

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