Wii shows soldier his cheating wife’s bowling shenanigans

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I don’t know how else to title this article, nor do I know what to say, really. This is a weird one, that’s for damn certain. Go Nintendo reader Tony sent an email to the aforementioned site telling the story of how his wife cheated on him while he served as a soldier in Iraq. Certainly not out of the realm of reason, however scummy the act. Where this story becomes relevant to us, however, is the method by which the final nail was delivered to poor Tony — Wii Sports.

There’s nothing I can really add to the story that does better than the post itself, so I recommend you hit the jump for the full tale from Tony. Just beware as you do — your Wii might tell the world more than you want it to.

In April of 2006, I was ordered to active duty Army to serve in Iraq for a year. I had gotten married to the woman I had been with for almost 7 years and we promised to stay true to our vows all through my tour. In October she apparently cheated on me with a PBA bowler named *name deleted*. This affair had continued on while I was in Iraq and became more than just a ‘fling’.

In November 2006, while braving the harsh *name deleted* winter, I stood in line for a Nintendo Wii outside a Target on launch day. I emailed him to get it for me because I knew I would not easily find one when I came home on my two week leave in December. He succeeds, being 2nd in line for a brand new Nintendo Wii. Soon after that I am able to play my Nintendo Wii in Iraq and all is well in the world, or so I thought. As the months go by, my time at war is counting down and I start mailing some of my personal items home. In a lockable trunk, I pack up all my stuff that I want home safe and unbroken. I mail my DS, DVD’s and my Nintendo Wii back to my wife for safe keeping.

I arrive home in *name deleted* July 17th and reunite with my wife. Shortly, as I try to reintegrate into my normal life, friends and family tell me of the indiscretions that occurred while I was away at war. I didn’t want to believe them. I ask my wife about the countless accusations and questionable events that happened while I was gone and she denies all of them. I move back home, collect up some of my belongings that she would let me take and I try to sort out all the bull that was left for me to figure out.

So now it’s November 2007. All the lies, and untruths have taken it’s toll. I filed for divorce. To this day all she admits is that she made out with this guy in October. I eventually find emails from him to her declaring their love together and how they will get rid of me so that they can spend the rest of their lives together. Aside from being immensely heartbroken, I am still hurt and confused. All that changed when I plug in my Nintendo Wii for some Wii Sports.

I flip through the Wii menu and visit the Mii Channel so I can peruse the many friends that I have created with the guys that I played with in Iraq. As I go through the characters I see there is a Mii that I have not created. It’s a guy strikingly similar to PBA Bowler *name deleted*. To be sure of this, I went into the Wil Message Board and click on the Calendar option. Through this menu I was able to identify the many nights my wife’s Mii and this ‘other’ Mii Character played Wii Bowling. It became clearly obvious that she couldn’t explain her way out of this. Especially since she claims that she never had contact with him after her alleged ‘kiss’ in October 2006.

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