Wii RPG Arc Rise Fantasia being considered for NA release

When I get a new console, I go through this thing where I’m in a kind of limbo until I get to play a solid, classic RPG on it. For me, my console relationship hasn’t been consummated until then. Gross, I know. But my Wii and I still aren’t seeing eye to eye yet (wow, that’s worse), and I think it’s because we haven’t shared a special traditional RPG together.

I saw Brad’s news of upcoming Japanese RPG Arc Rise Fantasia as a sort of potential counseling session for us, but I lost hope when I saw that it was a Japan-only release. Now we’re hearing that this title, from Luminous Arc makers Image Epoch, is being considered for a North American release.

This news comes by way of Siliconera‘s Spencer, who conducted a great interview with Yasuhiro Wada, President of Marvelous Interactive in Japan. This interview flew under my radar, but Nintendic saved the day today.

“Since XSEED has experience releasing RPGs in the US we will consider them as the publisher for Arc Rise Fantasia,” said Wada.

Yeah, that isn’t a lot to go on, but I’ll remain hopeful… for my relationship. For now, check out the gallery below for new pictures of Arc Rise Fantasia from Famitsu.

Does this look like something you’d be interested in, RPG peeps?

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