Wii, Reggie and Dtoid … tonight! (update)

If you’re in the NYC area and plan on stopping by the huge launch event tonight at Toys R’ Us in Times Square, be on the look out for not only Nintendo President Reggie Fils-Aime, but Destructoid as well! Tonight, the festivities kick off at 8 p.m. with “live entertainment including acrobats and performances by DJ Ravidrums” and supposedly “interactive game play while waiting in line.”

I’ll of course be there, trying to get all the coverage for those not fortunate enough to live in NYC or L.A. for Nintendo’s big night. If you happen to see a tall, lanky, sleepless Summa, make sure you say hi. We’d love to get you on camera giving as many shout outs as you can. Nintendo and Dtoid, a match made in gaming heaven. 

[Update: I’m taking three DS games with me to give away to people at Toys R Us tonight. So, if you are a reader, and you see me, call me out ASAP so I can give you a game, otherwise I’ll be making kids cry and beg for them. Also, I’ll probably be drunk tonight while I’m there. Dtoid, Nintendo, we’re about to make beautiful music.]

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