Wii price cut rumors point to September 27 drop date

Okay, we get it, the Wii is having a price cut. Quite why Nintendo feels the need to deny it when we know it’s happening is beyond me. Sony and Microsoft do this as well, where the evidence is pointing to a price cut or new SKU that everybody knows is coming, but they’ll simply keep denying it. It must be a power thing. Like, they won’t tell us when they’re ready for fear of looking weak.

Anyway, the latest sign of a price cut comes in the form of an allegation that Nintendo itself confirmed a cheaper Wii behind closed doors to a number of retailers. Not only that, but the platform holder is also supposed to have announced a date, with the Wii dropping to $199 on September 27. 

Whether Nintendo confirms this or not doesn’t really matter. Once these rumors start, they won’t stop until the price cut actually happens, so the “Big N” can deny it all it wants. The real question is this: How badly will it undermine the efforts of Sony and Microsoft when it finally happens?

Jim Sterling