Wii Party to feature 80+ games, including hide and seek

Wii Party has already been outed as Nintendo’s next big mini-game collection, and thanks to retailer HMV, we have our first details on what to expect.

The title is said to feature over 80 games in the standard play mode, including “Remote Control Hide and Seek.” In this game, players will hide their Wii Remotes somewhere in the room, and other players will have to search for it by the sound coming from the controller’s speaker. Expect Wii Remote sales to soar as children hide remotes in places they will never, ever be found.

Also detailed is a “Wanwan Karuta” game, where the Wii Remote will make a sound and players will match the noise with an on screen image (like an animal, for instance). In “Sensitive Bomb,” players will pass a single remote to one another like a bomb, keeping it as still as possible as to not trigger an explosion. Nintendo has previously mentioned that more standard games like Bingo and Roulette would also be included.

While Wii Party has yet to be confirmed for a North American release, it’s almost certain we’ll see it make an appearance at Nintendo’s E3 conference on June 15. When they announce it, act surprised, and try not to be too shocked when they do an uncomfortable on-stage demo of “Sensitive Bomb.”

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Nick Chester