Wii owners bought 8 games per system in December

A friend visiting my house a few days ago pointed out how weak my Wii game collection was compared to the collections for the rest of the consoles I own. I agreed with her and pointed out that I was a bit behind in my purchases. It seems that my collection might be stronger had I purchased my Wii console in December of 2007.

Wii owners purchased 8.1 games for every system sold in the month of December according to NPD data. This great attach rate just barely beats out Xbox 360’s figure of 7.8. The PS3 trailed with 5 games per console. 

According to GamePro, the Xbox 360 leads with a lifetime attach rate of 7 games per system, while the Wii and PS3 follow with 4.6 and 4.3 respectively.

Over 8 games per system? Christmas season or not, that’s an impressive number. We know that Super Mario Galaxy is included in that figure, but what else do you think made the list? 

Dale North