Wii News Channel goes live

Finally, an alternative to actually getting off of the couch and picking up a newspaper. Starting today, the Wii News Channel should be available in all regions. So, if you have a Wii, get to updating.

The news is broken up in a predictable fashion (national news, sports, arts & entertainment, etc.) so anyone who owns a computer and has surfed countless news sites should feel right at home. The addition of the interactive globe is a cool feature, as it will display the origin of the news, as well as give you the opportunity to scroll around and pinpoint areas for local news.

When you watch the above video, check out the irony of the first headline, which is about the European launch of the PlayStation 3. Oh, that crazy Associated Press. How about a section specific to Nintendo news, including screenshots, release date info, and more? Now that’s something I’d actually use.

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