Wii Music surprises us by having the Mario Bros. theme in it. SHOCK!

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You’re going to call me a sourhearted Scrooge for it, but I must confess that I have grown tired of hearing the Mario Bros. theme tune. Perhaps it’s the billion videos of people playing it with guitars and trumpets and whatever they can find on Youtube, but it really doesn’t fill me with that warm and fuzzy feeling inside. That’s one reason why this Wii Music clip doesn’t excite me.

The second reason why this video doesn’t excite me is that it isn’t very exciting, which is a coincidence. I don’t know what you make of it, but Wii Music certainly doesn’t look like Rock Band or Guitar Hero, does it?  That said, if you are still easily pleased by the same nostalgia over and over again, one more Mario Bros. tune isn’t going to hurt, is it?

Wii Music has some potential in its belly, and there are plenty of other Nintendo tunes I still get a kick out of, but I’m going to have to see a lot more interesting stuff than this particular offering before I get my hopes us.

[Merci, Donut]

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