Wii lightsaber game revealed, and dreams get crushed

If you remember  just the other week, the Internet was full of chatter regarding the statement from Jim Ward of LucasArts that they were already having a blast with the prototype of a Wii lightsaber game they had a chance to play. If you also recall, we were a bit hesitant to get too excited about it, since we knew they could very well be talking about the upcoming LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga game.

Sadly, this looks to be the case. Dashed are the short-term hopes of Star Wars fans everywhere. The LEGO Star Wars games are great, and you’ll never hear me say otherwise. However, saying that we wanted a new Star Wars game a little bit more like what we’ve seen in Force Unleashed, and a little bit less than LEGO Star Wars is one of the great understatements of the century.

This doesn’t mean that such a game isn’t in the works, but it doesn’t look to be soon — unless LucasArts sucker punches us at E3 with something that states otherwise. The good news is that you’ll still be able to waggle that Wiimote and enjoy a little lightsaber action on your Nintendo console. The bad news is that much like when Link from the Zelda games went all cell-shaded on us —  the end product might have ended up great, but we all couldn’t help but wonder about what might’ve been.

[Via CVG]