Wii have some good news (update)

Are you still looking for your Nintendo Wii, only to find barren shelves and frowny faces? Are you still rabidly determined to purchase the system despite the naysayers? Well, our highly efficient Destructoid robot webscanners have you covered.

If you can spring a few extra bucks, Sam’s Club.com has three bundles ripe for the picking. Two of the bundles are systems with three games, but I like the Hardware and Accessories Bundle, as it’s stuff you know you’re going to buy anyway (includes extra remote controller, extra Nunchuk, classic controller and Wii points card). You need to get moving as the best bundle is already listed as ‘low stock’.

Pop on over to Sam’s Club’s Web site. You know they’re not going to last long and you’ll be kicking yourself in the ass if you don’t. Hopefully the millions of Wii-needing Destructoid readers aren’t still sleeping.

[Update: Also, there is an unconfirmed rumor (thanks to reader JoeCamNet) that Toys R Us is going to have a Wii bundle on sale this Sunday, March 18th, and it might be packed with Sonic and The Secret of The Rings, which is not a bad game at all.]

Dale North