Wii hardware ‘surprisingly stable,’ nunchuk’s manliness not so much

Wii-a-phobia continues to run rampant amongst the hardcore gaming community. There is a new hate-rant about the Wii written almost every day, and not just by random members of the Internet, but often by paid journalists as well. Despite all of this bad press, the Wii continues to be the darling of the mainstream gaming world (and cockroaches). More than a year after launch, the thing still sells out of stores faster that you can say “It’s a fad.” 

So either way you look at it, the Wii console strikes a cord (ban pun intended). While a recent study cites “over 82% percent” of gamers polled believe the Wii hardware is “surprisingly stable,” the gender identity of the console’s controller is a different matter, as the first reports of the Wii Nunchuck’s cord and analog stick turning pink are starting to surface on the Internets. 

Did Nintendo rush these “confused” Nunchucks out with cheaper-that-usual components in order to meet the insane Christmas demand? Or is Nintendo actually run by Crab People, with these new “secret pink” nunchucks being just another attempt by the monsters to turn the world’s male population homosexual, and stop all human reproduction?

[Via GoNintendo

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