Wii Hack update: Gameboy Color games now ready to be emulated

Say what you will about the Wii’s reliance on SD cards for external memory storage, but it can’t be argued that decision has helped make the Wii one of the most quickly and easily hacked home consoles of all time. This latest leap forward in the noble pursuit to free Wii owners from the burden of actually paying for games is undoubtedly the most exciting one yet.

Anyone with an SD card-compatible PC, an SD card, a Wii, a GameCube controller, the internet, and the black heart of an evil software pirate can now play Game Boy and Game Boy Color games on their Wii free of charge. The full list of games compatible with this hack is currently unknown (at least to me), though the games in the above video and Link’s Awakening DX are certainly enough to get one started.

Seeing as how neither of Nintendo’s current consoles are able to play Game Boy and Game Boy Color games, Nintendo likely won’t fear this hack enough to spend the time and money necessary to kill it…yet. Once they get NES games running on it, now that’s a differnet story. If you’re interested in partaking in this brand of Wii homebrew fun, do so soon. It’s only a matter of time before the Twilight Hack is squashed like a bug by the big N, via both legal action and Wii firmware updates.

Get it? Hack? Bug? As in “computer bug”?


[Via GameTrailers]

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