Wii Guitar Hero III rocks harder than the rest, adds rumble

IGN went hands-on with the Wii version of Guitar Hero III, and have posted some first (and revealing) impressions of the guitar “shell” that will ship with the game. According to IGN, setting up the guitar is easy — simply snap the controller into a small compartment on the back of the controller (as shown), snap the compartment door in, and viola! Seem like a bit of work, but that’s what roadies are for, right?

The Wii version of the controller will also rumble when Star Power is activated, and the Wii remote’s speaker will make the “like nails on a chalkboard” squeal when a note is missed. Additionally, the game will support the Nintendo Wi-fi connection, although the developers were tight lipped as to what that will entail (one can hope online multiplayer, at least).

Rumble and speaker squeals are pretty cool features, indeed. But is this enough for multiplatform holders to forsake HD graphics and confirmed online modes and DLC? In any case, it’s nice to see Activision (and GH III Wii developer) Vicarious Visions upping the stakes and playing to the consoles strengths.

Nick Chester