Wii gets a PS3 port? Oh, it’s just a sound novel

I saw Imabikisou (above) in Tokyo last year. With its freaky pictures and eyeball closeups, I thought I had stumbled onto the newest survival horror. Unfortunately it turned out to be a digital graphic horror novel. Meh.

Here’s how Imabikisou works: you pick up a controller, read a screen of text with a scary background while scary sounds play, hit a button, and read another screen of text with a scary background while scary sounds play. No wonder it was never on your radar, right? Now it can be off your radar on another console: the Wii. Siliconera tells us that Chunsoft’s PS3 title will make the transition to Wii as Imabikisou Kaimeihen, and it will come with revised controls and Wii Remote speaker noises.  The new version is due out later this year in Japan.

It all makes sense now. A “screen reading game” would work fine as a port from PS3 to Wii. Hell, it would’ve been fine on the Sega Genesis. 

I bet this is the first and last time we hear of a PS3 to Wii port. 

To hear an example of the Wii Remote speaker noises, visit the Japanese Web page, scroll down, and mouse over the Wii Remote image at the bottom. 

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