Wii Fit’s Wii sh*t, courtesy of Mad Catz

The Mad Catz PS2 wireless controller is the single worst thing that mankind has ever created (and I say that without hyperbole). The third party peripheral maker is continuing its commitment to producing wretched crap with a whole host of pointless Wii Fit accessories. This is because everyone loves a company that tries to cash-in by producing lazy and rubbish nonsense for other peoples’ creations.

A rechargeable battery pack, a travel/storage case, an exercise mat and protective cover are all set to be released by Mad Catz. The company claims that “each product has been thoughtfully designed to enhance and maximize exercise regimes.” Can someone explain to me how any one of these four mentioned products can do that? Short of shoving the battery pack up some guy’s ass and telling him you’ll plug it in if he doesn’t drop and give you twenty, I fail to see how these items can maximize one’s exercise potential.

Shockingly poor.

Jim Sterling