Wii Fit TAKES OVER THE WORLD (or maybe just Central Park)

In Nintendo’s most recent attempt to attain world domination via Wii Fit, they will join forces with celebrity trainer Ashley Borden to hold an event in Central Park in New York this May 19th. Nintendo will have a truckload of balance boards at the ready for live demonstrations at this launch event, but here is the cool part: for every person that goes through the demo, Nintendo will make a $5 donation (up to $25k) to the American Heart Association. And here we are, complaining about Nintendo only wants to make money! I feel guilty.

At any rate, if you live in the area, you can catch the event from 8 am to 5 pm at Merchant’s Gate in Central Park. The event happens to fall within National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, which is a good thing unless you overdo it, like our friend Monica above, who probably looked like a woman once.

[Via Kotaku — Thanks, Jonathan!]

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