Wii fans, prepare to RAGE: Explodemon now a PS3 exclusive

Bad news for Wii fans. The decidedly excellent looking Explodemon is no longer coming to WiiWare as previously promised, now set to be a PlayStation Network exclusive. The retro-themed sidescroller looked like an action-packed answer to XBLA’s ‘Splosion Man. It still looks that way, except only for PS3 users. 

Nintendo fans have already turned on the game, now sh*tting upon it and declaring there are better games on WiiWare. Meanwhile, sensible people can take solace from the fact that it may still some to WiiWare in the future. Explodemon has been named as an exclusive “for now” and given a status that may change at some point. 

I hope so. The game not only looks fun, but brilliantly hilarious too. I think everyone deserves a chance to play a game like that. 

Explodemon! PSN Exclusive “For Now” [TheSixthAxis]

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