Wii Exercise Bike is going nowhere, works with Mario Kart

Mario Kart Wii is a ton of fun. But, if you’re strange and were hoping you could make the game less fun, you could control it with an exercise bike.

Believe it or not, an exercise bike is coming to the Wii. Cyberbike, a title from publisher Big Ben, will come with a full-sized exercise bike controller. This bike will be easy to set up with adjustable saddle and handlebars, says Big Ben. For some reason, compatibility with Mario Kart Wii is a bulletpoint. What would probably be more fun than Mario Kart would be a remake of Excitebike. Wait, that wouldn’t even be fun. Nevermind.

Cyberbike is set to launch in eary 2010.

I’m pretty much done with the whole health and videogames tie-in thing. Let’s move on, please.

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[via Siliconera]


Dale North