Wii don’t need no stinkin’ Fight Night

UK Web site Gamesdog reports on the possibility of a port of EA’s Fight Night coming to the Nintendo Wii. This was mentioned by Fight Night producer Michael Blank in an interview with boxing website doghouseboxing.com, and although EA has yet to give an official response, Blank revealed the following:

“We’re talking about it right now. We’re contemplating and we definitely feel there are some exciting things we can do with the Fight Night franchise and the Wii,” said Blank.

He also notes that Wii Boxing is a “very simple experience” and Fight Night is very much a simulation of the sport.

“… we need to take those Wii controls and tailor it to what the Fight Night consumer might want to experience. We are looking at it right now and I am sure you will something some time in the future on the Wii,” concludes Blank. 

It’s nice to hear that EA’s vision for this game is larger than the poor, arm-flailing experience that was Wii Boxing. What do you think? Would EA’s efforts be worth it, or would we be left with an inferior looking, harder to control version of a game we already have? 

[via gamesdog]


Dale North