Wii Don’t Like It

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Wii Dont Like It

If you thought the Wii jokes were over then you better go in hiding until PS4’s are on shelves. The Wii has introduced a different approach to gaming philosophy, controllers, software, and hardware – fan or not everyone’s somewhat skeptical and waiting for people at E3 to fill us in more. This is just one opinion but it definitely isn’t optimistic.

I think the Wii’s presentation at E3 has been mostly solid so far for a console that wants to do its own thing. For the $250 expected price tag I’m definitely getting one. PS3’s been under attack recently for its lofty, yet justified price tag. I think it’s time for the bickering to target the Wii – I feel fulfilled and assured that it will be fun, but I was hoping to be blown away come E3. It looks like it will be just like the Gamecube – this sweet machine that collects dust on the shelf until a cool game finally comes out every 2 months for me to enjoy.

And is it just me or is E3 getting boring for us non E3 attendees? I haven’t seen nearly enough new trailers and info in the past 24 hours to fulfill my appetite. If the PS3 is so sweet, and the 360 is already out, where’s all the propganda to get us to buy your systems. I WANT MORE! I’m starting to think the Wii might be the best of them all just because you can download the old classics while waiting for something new. Gears of War, MGS4, blah blah blah – for once I feel the quality is on par, but the quantity is lacking.

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