Wii component cables, Franken-style

A few years back I tore New York City apart looking for component cables for my Nintendo GameCube, just so I could experience F-Zero GX in all of its progressive scan glory. I had assumed, at the time, that this would not always be and in the future flying jalopies and high definition cables would be the norm. Alas, this has not come to pass for Nintendo fans.

Any HDTV owner chomping at the bit to play Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess in all its glorious, mid-definition, 480p has no doubt been on the phone with hundreds of angry retail clerks asking the question, “Do you have any Wii component cables in stock”?

The answer is, of course, “no.” As if to spit in the face of high definition, first party component cables are not being shipped to stores until December 5th (as we reported earlier). While you can currently order the cables online directly from Nintendo and there have been reports of third party cables being spotted at big box retailers like Best Buy, chances of getting your hands on the cables anytime soon look grim.

But fear not: tech nerds have come to the rescue. Folks over at the NFG Games forums have been hard at work and with quite a bit of success, no matter how ugly it might look. If you’re impatient, feeling saucy, and know what the hell “7-Y, gndL to 9-Pb/Cb, gndR to 11-Pr/Cr” means, head on over to the forums to get a better idea of how to do it yourself.

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