Wii breaks launch records in the land of Yahoo Serious!


The sun rises over the red, dusty earth of the Outback. A small lizard darts into the harsh sun and is quickly pounced upon from below by a black funnel web spider. Life in these barren plains is harsh, but for each dingo shot by a farmer after devouring a baby in what can only be described as “cliche stereotype”, there is a young Australian child (probably descended from rapists) who absolutely adores the Nintendo Wii. At least, that’s the impression one gets from the massive success Nintendo’s new console had during it’s launch.

The previous console launch sales record in the land of Oz was held by the Xbox 360 which launched only a year ago, but with Nintendo selling 32,901 units in the first four days of it’s availability, it has skewered the previous mark like so many manta barbs through the chests of conservationists. The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess was the best selling launch title, but in a country filled with pretty, elfish blonde folk, who may, or may not still wield swords and wear tunics, this was an easy assumption to make.


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