Wii Balance Board supported massage game Love Press++

Set to be shown off this month at Tokyo Game Show 2010 is massage game Love Press++, an indie project by Shirai Labs that uses massage recognition to simulate the “physical communication of lovers.” Sounds hot, doesn’t it? If massaging your Wii Balance Board is hot, then this is on f*cking fire, as that’s what you do with your board and included silicon sleeve. Yes, you heard correctly.

The game, which is to be shown off at TGS’ Sense of Wonder Night, lets you choose a virtual partner, picking from various shapes and ages. Despite how all of this sounds, the game is not intended to be sexual in nature.

Right. I’m at half mast just looking at the above concept image.

Tinycartridge says that the game will give off audio cues like “Stop! Where are you touching?”

I hope the silicon sleeve is flesh colored.

You’ve got to check out the announce page for the image of the guy mounting the Balance Board. We’ll be giving this game the full rubdown at TGS later this month.

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