Wii accessories get creative:Nunchuk controls a tail

We know there’s a lot of ideas out there for custom creations using the Wiimote and nunchuk, but this one might be one of the weirdest of all. How about a Nunchuk controller furry tail that you can wear and even make swish from side to side? 

Controlled by RFID “mood cards”, you can use them to control which way the tail wags, or you can also use the Nunchuk to do so. So, uh, why would you want to wear a movable tail? Well, there’s two options: either it’s Halloween, and you’re planning some sort or animal costume, or you’re into this. It’s not my thing, but you know , if it’s yours, you can wag your tail with a Wii accessory. I’m sure Miyamoto would be thrilled to hear about that.

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