Wideload Shorts announces first title for upcoming web-based videogame network

Wideload Shorts (the “small games” division of Stubbs The Zombie developer Wideload Games), has announced that they will be providing the first title for InstantAction.com, an upcoming web-based videogame network.

The Wideload Shorts developed Cyclomite is (unfortunately) not a sequel to Gyromite, but has players piloting a “Cyclomite” through meteor storms. Players control a multicolored “Cyclomite” ring in the center of the screen, using it to catch meteors as they fly towards the center of the storm. The game will also include two multiplayer modes, including co-op levels and a competitive mode. 

The game will make its premiere at the Independent Games Concference in Eugene, Oregeon, where Wideload founder Alex Seropian will be the keynote speaker. Instant Action launches this January.

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