Wideload Games announces new Shorts division

I’m a busy dude. Between obsessively playing Pac-Man Championship Edition, my family, and editor-in-chiefing here at Destructoid, I don’t have a lot of time. Long gone are the days when I can sit down and play a 49-hour-long RPG for 49 hours straight. It’s depressing (or uplifting, depending on how you look at it), and Wideload Games feels me.

The new Wideload Shorts division’s aim is to focus on shorter games, while maintaining the company’s trademark humor and style, as seen in titles like Stubbs the Zombie. The division will target handhelds, consoles, and the PC market with easy-to-play titles that can be played in short bursts or on the go.

Scott Corley, former president of Red Mercury, will head the division, and states that the team is “making little packets of densely-packed fun for you to enjoy.” So, is this essentially a casual games division? Perhaps, but there’s more to it. 

“Wideload Shorts’ and Wideload’s larger development teams will work together to leverage their creative assets,” says Wideload president, Tom Kang. “For example, a Wideload retail game may include an asset that would be a great spin off into a Shorts game, and vice versa, a Wideload Shorts game could inspire a Wideload Games retail product.”

Nick Chester