Wicked videogame Transformers toys arrive: Mr. Destructoid weeps tears of joy

Transformers just got cooler.

Hasbro has a cool new line of Transformers toys, called Real Gear, that transform from modern tech objects into robots. Two of the Transformers come in the form of videogame objects, a PlayStation 2 Dual Shock controller look-a-like, and a Game Boy Micro look-a-like.

These toys are neato, but they’re really small; about three inches in length, and four inches in width.

Toys R Us in Canada has these toys on sale for half price — $4.97 right now — but you need to hurry because supplies are limited, and the sale ends Friday, October 26th. I tried to buy one today, but the store was already sold out. Guess I’ll just have to settle for the 3D Nintendo gummis they sell instead.

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