Wi-Fi wicks away 1/3 of PSP’s newfound power

PSP firmware update 3.50 released the MHz cap that limited the system’s clock speed to 222MHz, upping it to 333Mhz. Titles like the upcoming title God of War: Chains of Olympus are supposed to use the system’s new found power, but earlier today 3D graphics site Beyond3D reported that this new feature has some limitations attached. 

GameDaily BIZ spoke with Sony’s Senior Corporate Communications Director, Dave Karraker, and confirmed that the enabled Wi-Fi function limits the PSP’s clock speed to 222MHz.  

“The recent firmware upgrade (3.50) that removed the restriction on the PSP’s CPU speed enables developers to utilize speeds either lower or higher than the default 222MHz, up to the full 333MHz clock speed. The article is correct that increased CPU speed cannot be used with the PSP’s wireless feature,” Karraker said. “SCEA is working closely with the development community to take full advantage of this new functionality where appropriate for their titles.”

Beyond3D speculates that the limitation is in place to conserve battery life, but that has not been confirmed.

[Via GameDaily BIZ

Dale North